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order with a levity inconsistent with democratic
Quite a lot of these people have brains which
are as good or better than normal European
brains. You could educate the whole world to
the not very exalted level of a Cambridge graduate
in a single lifetime, if you had schools, colleges,
apparatus and teachers enough. The radio, the
cinema, the gramophone, the improvements in
both production and distribution, have made it
possible to increase the range and effectiveness
of a gifted teacher a thousandfold. We have seen
intensive war preparations galore, but no one
has dreamt yet of an intensive educational effort.
None of us really like to see other people being
educated. They may be getting an advantage
over our privileged selves. Suppose we overcome
that primitive jealousy. Suppose we speed up—
as we are now physically able to do—the educa-
tion and enfranchisement of these huge unde-
veloped reservoirs of human capacity. Suppose
we tack that on to the Union Now idea. Suppose
we stipulate that Federation, wherever it extends,
means a New and Powerful Education. In
Bengal, in Java, in the Congo Free State, quite
as much as in Tennessee or Georgia or Scotland
or Ireland. Suppose we think a little less about
€C gradual enfranchisement " by votes and experi-